About us

mon-marquez-profileRaymond Marquez is a Philippines-based commercial photographer. With over 5 years of experience, Mon continues to improve his art. From humble beginnings in family portraiture, Mon is now a full time advertising photographer. He excels in producing high quality photos for SMEs and corporate marketing campaigns.  Mon values creating great rapport with his clients and is easy to work with.

Mon is considered as a mentor by his peers. He also conducts trainings and seminars for beginner and hobbyist photographers in Metro Manila and Japan.





  • Commercial Photography Works
  • Trainings and Seminars
  • Awards/ Recognition

  • Advertising photographer for Chicken Charlie 2014 to 2015
  • Corporate photographer for Horsepower.ph 2015
  • Corporate photographer for Timebox Technologies 2015
  • Corporate photographer for Speech Coach Training 2013-2015
  • Band photographer for Tanya Markova, Paranoid City and Bjean 2014-2016
  • Portrait photographer for Mark Dimalanta, Pentax Ambassador 2014
  • Portrait photographer for Louie Pilapil, Ceb Pacific Contributor/Yoga Instructor 2013
  • Corporate photographer for World Connectivity Support 2015
  • Advertising photographer for Unisilvertime 2016
  • Photography and Creatives for Network Asia Magazine 2016

  • Nathan | Gathercole High End Photoshoot and Photography Workshop, 2013
  • Speed Coach Personality Development Shoot, 2015
  • Monster Studio 2013 Summer Basic Photography Workshop
  • Monster Studio 2014 Summer Basic Photography Workshop
  • Monster Studio Advanced Lighting Photography Workshop, 2014
  • Monster Studio Off Cam Lighting Workshop, 2014
  • Geijustu-Teki Advanced Studio and Location Lighting Workshop, Okinawa Japan 2014


  • ND Awards Honorable Mention, 2014 – www.ndawards.net
  • Photo contributor Cebu Pacific Magazine
  • Photo contributor Fliptrip.ph
  • Photo contributor Boom Magazine
  • Photo contributor Network Asia Magazine
  • Certificate of Recognition for Master Course Teacher (Personal Branding through Photos Workshop), Watson Institute Philippines