Stuff about my Fujifilm X100T

Lately, I have been shooting a lot with my Fuji X100T.  After I got this camera, I started using it without reading the manual.  I just thought that it will be just like my Fuji X-Pro1.  I was wrong.

Here are some stuff I recently learned.

  1. Controls are different – buttons are placed differently than my Xpro1.  Almost all of the buttons can be assigned to your preference.. AWESOME!
  2. To enable Silent mode, you need to assign it first to the Q menu then you can turn it on and off there.  It is fine but I still prefer to just hold the disp/back button to enable it. It took me a couple of days to figure it out.
  3. Q menu can also be configured to your preference.  You can set it depending on your needs.  For me, i added the silent mode on it.

Fujifilm did an awesome job on giving us an option to adjust the button configuration depending on your shooting style.  I still have to figure out the best configuration for me.  As of now, all I did was assign the ISO button instead of video recording and adding the silent mode on the Q menu.  You just have to keep on shooting to understand more about your gear.