Train Ride with a Fujifilm X100T

Last Saturday, I went on a train ride with my wife. Rather than taking our car to Manila, we opt to just take the LRT2.  I brought my Fuji X100T so I can take some photos on the way.  I am really amazed with how the camera lets me focus on my shot and not the technicality of shooting.  Metering is spot on.  Focusing is fast. Shutter lag is almost gone. Working with the OVF is way better than my X-Pro1.  Dials and buttons are placed correctly which allows me to adjust settings without removing my eye from the OVF.  It is silent and not flashy since I got the black X100T. Although I still can’t figure out how to turn it to Silent mode like my X-Pro1.  Holding the disp/back button doesn’t work. Anyways, still learning a lot from my camera.

Here are some of my shots.