4 Simple Tips on Nailing a Portrait that Sells

All of us need a portrait. We use it on our social media accounts. We pick our “best picture”, best expressing the image or status we want to project to our peers, relatives, friends, etc.  Some use it for their professional sites such as LinkedIn, or corporate website. But do you think your portrait sells?

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Horsepower.ph Corporate Shoot

About a couple of months ago, me and my friend Bob Cristuta, COO/Co-founder of Timebox Consulting, KroniklrPH and SlowMoManila, got a chance to talk to Diego Ramos, Co-founder of Horsepower.ph.  At that time, I was looking for new subjects to add to my portfolio.  Luckily, Diego allowed us to take some portraits for their team.  I started with one light and then added some more for the white background shots.  I used my Fujifilm X-pro1 for this shoot which was amazing as always. I had a nice conversation with each of the subject that made it easier to capture their best portrait. It was an amazing day of shoot with great people and an awesome company.

I think that every business should have great pictures not only for their products, but also for the team behind  the business.  It is always great to know who you are doing business with.  So it’s better to update the corporate portraits with a better one and drop those id pictures away.

By the way, Horsepower.ph is what we entrepreneurs, freelancers, and SMEs are waiting for.  Checkout their amazing website for more info and also checkout their team photos.  Click here for their site.

Here are some of the shots from our shoot.

Jojy Azurin - Co-Founder

Jojy Azurin – Co-Founder

Diego Jose Ramos - Co-Founder

Diego Jose Ramos – Co-Founder


Hannah Crisostomo - Co-Founder

Hannah Crisostomo – Co-Founder


The team of Horsepower.ph

The team of Horsepower.ph

a great candid moment captured during our shoot

a great candid moment captured during our shoot


And here are some BTS shots


Shooting and having a nice conversation with Diego

Shooting and having a nice conversation with Diego