4 Simple Tips on Nailing a Portrait that Sells

All of us need a portrait. We use it on our social media accounts. We pick our “best picture”, best expressing the image or status we want to project to our peers, relatives, friends, etc.  Some use it for their professional sites such as LinkedIn, or corporate website. But do you think your portrait sells?

Here are 4 tips to help you nail a portrait that sells:

  1. Keep it simple – Photos do not have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be full of props or in an Instagram-worthy location. A simple black, white or grey background is a great option. The focus should be on YOU, not your background.20141027_131009_2
  2. Be yourself – It might sound easy but it is not.. not for all.. People tend to project a particular image they have of themselves but in reality, it is not actually their real identity. Just be honest and try to tell your story to your photographer. If you are feeling shy, talking to the photographer about yourself can help him or her ‘direct’ you.tips-MONSTERSTUDIO-1-3
  3. Know your audience – Think of who you want to notice your portrait. Try to keep your target audience in mind before doing your portraits. For example, if you will use your portrait on LinkedIn, dress to impress. Your social media portraits can show some of your fun side.tips-MONSTERSTUDIO-1
  4. Trust your photographer – This is one of the most important tip I can tell you.. Remember that the photographer’s camera and lenses are your windows to the world. He will help you tell your story to your viewers. Try to build rapport with the photographer and he will definitely make you look good.tips-MONSTERSTUDIO-1-2

Everybody deserves to have an amazing portrait.  Try out these tips on your next portrait session.

By the way, here is my self portrait.


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